Assess Your Readiness

Two no-cost questionnaires to help you determine how ready your business is to be a force for change. Each should only take about 15 minutes, and completing one or both entitles you to a 15-minute consultation with Shel Horowitz, a thought-leader in this space. You may take either or both, and you may share the link to this page, without restriction. Note: you will get considerably more value out of both the assessment and the consultation if you read Shel’s 10th book Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World first.

Click to assess your organization’s readiness for:

Profitable Social Transformation

Profitable Green Business Practices

And click here to get help interpreting the results—and turn those scores into ACTION

(All three of these links will open a new tab or window in your browser, so you can easily return to this page if you choose to do a second assessment)

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