Green Business Profitability Self-Assessment

Green Business Profitability Self-Assessment Tool


Green Business Profitability Self-Assessment Tool
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Thank you! Here are your results.


1000 or above: You’re a green business profitability superstar. Congratulations. We may want to feature you as a successful example who can inspire others.


750-999: You’re doing very well. Some short-term coaching, training or consulting might help you do even better.


500-749: You have a definite interest in running an environmentally friendly business, but you’re having trouble making it work. Your business wants to do the right thing but the culture doesn’t really know how it can support this effort. If you’d really like to move this agenda forward, you’re going to need help. Three to six months coaching, training or consulting could turn things around.


250-499: You’ve got a tough road. Your company doesn’t support your efforts, but it’s not hopeless. If you can organize a small group of people to form a coherent constituency for change, you may be surprised at how much you can accomplish. Expect to work intensively with us in order to reach that point.


249 or below: Your organization is holding you back. Management and the entire culture are not interested, and may even be hostile. If you yourself are part of the senior management team, this could turn around—some very large and prestigious companies, including General Electric and Walmart, have done so in the past. But it requires serious commitment and a genuine desire to change. You will need internal allies. You will need outside support. If you are not in senior management—have you thought about whether this is really where you want to be working, or whether you might do better in a company more aligned with your values? If you ARE in senior management, you urgently need to build a very different type of climate.